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11.1 Year End Processing: Market Revaluation

This step posts a journal that lists all your investments at market value as at the 30th June of the relevant financial year.

Mclowd will display a list of assets owned by the fund as at that date.

Market Revaluation

Verify that the Revaluation year shown in the title bar is correct.

For most equities listed on the ASX, the value as at 30th June is available in the Mclowd database, and will be automatically picked up and presented in the summary table. For other assets, you should use your end of year statements, consult your financial adviser, or navigate to a relevant website to look up unit values as at 30 June and manually input the June 30 unit price for each asset.

You should carefully check and confirm that:

  • All of your Fund’s investments are listed (including any that were acquired during the financial year.
  • All investments are correctly named and displayed IDs and Asset Classes are correct.
  • Mclowd correctly displays the number of units held as at June 30
  • The price per unit displayed is correct. (You may need to cross-check with the ASX website, the company website, end of year statements from companies, Unit Trusts or Managed Funds, etc., or a report from your financial adviser or accountant to verify that all displayed prices are correct.)

NOTE: At this point in time, if you have made multiple investments to a Managed Fund or Unit Trust, Mclowd may display each investment as a separate asset rather than consolidating as it does for Direct Equities. You may need to manually add the units acquired at each reinvestment or additional investment in order to verify that the total units reported in Mclowd matches your total holding.

When you are certain that all prices are updated correctly, click SAVE REVALUATION to save the adjusted values. Mclowd will ask you to confirm:

Market revaluation confirm save

Click OK to confirm.

Click NEXT – CALCULATE TAX to move to the next step in year end processing.

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