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11.8.2 Year End Processing: Online Tax Return Lodgment – Connect LodgeIT as your Fund’s Online Lodgment Provider

The ATO has removed the requirement for you to register for Auskey before using an online lodgment service.

To use LodgeiT as your online lodgment software provider, you now only need to provide the following information:

LodgeiT Pty Ltd, ABN: 98146732569

Your software subscription ID (retrieved in the previous step – Refer to 11.8.1 Year End Processing: Online Tax Return Lodgment – Sign up with LodgeIT

You can provide this information either by calling the ATO on 1300 852 232.

If you already have Auskey installed on your computer Auskey, go to ATO Access Manager where you can to nominate LodgeiT as your software provider.

Auskey Manager

Login to the ATO Access Manager at using your superannuation fund’s login credentials.

For convenience, you can now link your Superfund to your MyGov so that you can now log in through your MyGov account. If you log in via the Business Portal, you can choose the Access Manager from the menu.

Once logged in to the Access Manager, you should see this menu:

ATO Access Manager menu


Click My Hosted SBR services. The screen displays:

ATO hosted services list

Click Notify the ATO of your hosted service. You will be presented with a list and a search field. Enter ‘LODGE IT’ in the search field and click Search.

Select ‘ABN 98 146 732 569   LODGE IT PTY LTD’ by clicking the ABN.

The ATO needs a software ID.

Enter software ID

Enter the Software ID you retrieved from LodgeIT earlier. You should receive a message confirming that your changes have been saved successfully.

ID successfully entered to ATO

When you click My hosted SBR software services in future, LodgeIT should be listed.

If you now return to LodgeIT, login, and select Software ID, you should be able to test your ID. LodgeIT should display (your ID will differ).

LodgeIT connected to ATO


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