Practitioner EditionPractitioner Edition: End of Year processing

11.5.2 Year End Processing: Allocate Tax – Income Tax

To begin the process of income tax allocation, click on NEXT – ALLOCATE INCOME TAX.

Mclowd will display the Allocate Income Tax screen illustrated below.

Allocate Income Tax


Either use the Calculated Weighted Average % shown (based on the MWA report,) or override the Calculated Weighted Average % by entering the preferred percentages in the OVERRIDE column. You can access the MWA Report to review how the Calculated Weighted Average percentages are calculated by clicking the MWA Report button at top right of the screen.

NOTE:  In accordance with current tax law, Mclowd will not allocate income tax to pension accounts. The Income Tax Allocation screen will not list pension accounts.

Check the income tax amount to be allocated to each member account. When you are satisfied the allocations appear correct, click ALLOCATE INCOME TAX.

Mclowd displays the following message, asking you to confirm your allocations: Click OK.

Confirm income tax allocations

Mclowd returns you to the screen illustrated below.

Income tax saved

The message in the yellow box confirms that Mclowd has allocated income tax to Individual Member Accounts successfully. A journal entry will have been created. You can inspect new balances by clicking the Accounting Page link in the yellow message box.


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