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Reduced options on Fund Setup Menu

If you are setting up a Fund in Mclowd and Date Formed is in the Start Year (in the Fund Details screen)

Fund details


Mclowd will display a Fund Setup menu with reduced options, because there will be no opening balances to enter in these circumstances.

Compare the Fund Setup menu if there are opening balances with the menu displayed if the date formed is in the Start Year  (i.e. this is a newly established fund)

Fund setup menus for new and established funds


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With a background in accounting and financial management, followed by two decades writing software documentation, Lorraine joined the Mclowd team in mid-2016 and is enjoying working with a dynamic team to enhance an innovative product that has the potential to revolutionize the way Australians manage their retirement funding. Lorraine is also an accomplished business writer, ghost-writer, novelist and short-story writer and poet.

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