Manage your SMSF

12.8 Reports: Other Reports

In the Other Reports group, you can select Journal Reports (to print a list of journal transactions), Trial Balance

12.6 Reports: Sample Reports – Income

The Income Reports category provides Operating Statements in simple, comparative or detailed format. All income reports all provide filters

12.5 Reports: Banking Reports

The Bank transactions report filters enable you to select to report on the Entire Fund, Fund, or individual member

12. Reports

Mclowd provides a selection of useful reports, including the colourfully presented Dashboard reports. Mclowd’s REPORTS tab opens a menu

12.2 Reports: The Reports Tab

Mclowd’s  REPORTS tab opens a menu listing a number of useful reports. Most are available, at any time, for

8.4 Bank Data Feeds

Bank Data Feeds automate data entry in Mclowd by facilitating direct import of data from online bank statements. This

8.3 Banking: Bank Transfers

BANK TRANSFER allows you to enter transfers of funds from one bank account to another, or from a bank

6.3 Income: Roll-ins

A Roll-in is income received from another superannuation fund, transferred on behalf of a Member of your Fund. To

6.1 Income: Add new Income

To add new income received by your Fund, click ADD NEW INCOME under the INCOME tab. Select the Account to

6. Income: Introduction

Mclowd allows you to record income to the Fund in various forms: Interest income on cash, term deposits, etc.

4.1.2 Assets: Add Assets – Hybrids

Hybrids are securities that combine elements of debt securities and equity securities. Examples of hybrid securities are convertible debt securities,