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12.3 Reports: Reporting Filters and Options

Mclowd will display a selection field and a reports button menu offering print options. Most reports can be:

  • Exported to Excel
  • Printed (on any printer accessible from your network)
  • Downloaded as PDF

NOTE: Some samples below are in the PDF format, while others are as displayed by Mclowd prior to selecting a print or export option.

A button is provided to return to the reports menu. On some reports, a CHANGE FILTER button permits changing the date or period and/or account selections.


Choose the date or period and the Member Account/Fund.


Some reports offer additional selection fields. For example:

  • Banking Report offers a field to select the Bank or Loan account, or all accounts, and to select active, deleted or all transactions.
  • Trial Balance report offers fields to select active, deleted or all transactions and to include or exclude zero balance accounts.
  • General Ledger reports offers a selection of all accounts or only a specific account.



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