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12.1 Reports: The Dashboard

The Mclowd Dashboard, displayed each time you log in to Mclowd, displays a helpful Summary Report in both numerical and graph format.

The Dashboard displays the total value of the Fund portfolio , investment distribution, and the distribution of assets among the various classes in dollar terms, percentage terms, and via helpful bar and pie graphs.

The Dashboard also exposes the ratio of own funds to loan funds, and reveals the total balance available to pay member benefits.

The Key Financials section reports Contributions YTD, Pension Payments YTD and Investment Earnings YTD.

Asset allocation is a key factor driving investment returns. Expected returns and degree of risk vary across the different asset classes, so it’s important to carefully monitor the distribution of Fund assets between various classes.

Mclowd’s colourful graphs make it easy to manage asset allocation to match your preferred risk/return profile.

Mclowd Dashboard


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