Pro Version for Trustees

14.5 Lodging your SMSF Tax Return with LodgeIT

Mclowd’s Pro Version for Trustees enables automated lodgement of your SMSF tax return.

This is now a fully automated process during which relevant data will be extracted from Mclowd records to populate the relevant fields in the tax return and display a completed return for you to approve, sign digitally, and submit with the click of a button.

Before commencing this process, you must ensure that you have completed all entries for the financial year, completed the end of year processing successfully, closed the year, and printed all relevant end of year reports.

It is also recommended that you open the Centralised Transaction Screen and select to display all entries (of all types) for the relevant financial year and export to Excel. This will create a backup file of all of your entries.

Once all of these steps are complete, go to Online Lodgement with LodgeIT for detailed instructions for lodging your SMSF Tax Return.

The cost of generating and lodging your SMSF tax return, and the cost of any technical support you might need to complete the process successfully, is included in your $33 per annum Pro subscription. You may need to engage and pay an auditor to sign off. Mclowd enables entry of the Auditor’s details either in the Fund Setup or during tax return processing.

If you have not yet upgraded to the Pro version and wish to use Mclowd’s automated tax return lodgement facility, just log in to your Mclowd account and click the UPGRADE button in the top right corner. For just $33 per annum, you can enjoy a centralised transaction screen, automated asset maintenance, Transfer Balance Account Reporting (TBAR), automated tax return lodgement, an ad free interface, and free technical support.


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With a background in accounting and financial management, followed by two decades writing software documentation, Lorraine joined the Mclowd team in mid-2016 and is enjoying working with a dynamic team to enhance an innovative product that has the potential to revolutionize the way Australians manage their retirement funding. Lorraine is also an accomplished business writer, ghost-writer, novelist and short-story writer and poet.

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