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14.4 Improved Asset Maintenance

Mclowd’s Pro Version delivers exciting enhancements to help users track asset values and income.

If you are not a Pro Version user, you can UPGRADE for just $33 per annum to access this feature PLUS ad free interface, centralised transaction screen, automated Transfer Balance Account reporting, and automatic tax return lodgement, plus free technical support.  Just log in to your Mclowd account and click the UPGRADE button in the top right hand corner.

Income and asset value tracking is available for Direct Equity investments, sourced from the ASX.

Mclowd’s Asset data for Managed Funds, sourced through Morningstar, is available only to Practioners managing 25 or more funds. Should you wish to track Managed Fund investments, please email to apply.

The improved Asset Maintenance tools are accessed through the Settings Menu.

Settings Menu with Asset Maintenance selected


Mclowd displays the Asset Maintenance Screen.

Asset Maintenance Screen

A list of Direct Equity investments displays, showing Asset Code, Asset Name, Asset Class, and Asset Type.

A search field invites input of either an Asset Name or an Asset Codeto filter a comprehensive list of assets.

In the search fields, you can type the code or name in full, or enter a few characters to display a list of all possible matches and select from the list.

Asset search

Click the FILTER button to display matches.

If your search criteria returns a lengthy list, you can optionally move through pages by clicking the NEXT or PREVIOUS link (when displayed), or by clicking a page number in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. The current page number is highlighted.

Asset Maintenance list - scoll pages

Alternately, you can opt to display 50, 100, 200 or 500 entries in lieu of the default display of lists of 25 entries.

Asset Maintenance list length selection

Click on an asset code or name to select an asset from the displayed list.

Select asset to view

NOTE: The list will only include Managed Funds if you have subscribed to the Morningstar service, available only, by application, to Practitioners managing 25 or more funds.

Mclowd displays the Asset, showing Name, Short Code, Class, Type, Listing Status, and Country. The Ticker Code and, if relevant, APIR is also displayed. (APIR codes, assigned by a company called APIR, are widely used in the industry as an identifier of Managed Funds.)

Asset maintenance - asset details

At the top of the details screen, Mclowd offers a button menu enabling return to the Search screen, or display of PRICE DETAILS and, if relevant for this asset, INCOME HISTORY and ASSET ALLOCATION.

NOTE: The button to access the currently displayed screen will be greyed out.

When the PRICE DETAILS, INCOME HISTORY, or ASSET ALLOCATION screen is displayed, the ASSET DETAILS button will be accessible to navigate back to the Asset Details screen.

Asset Maintenance - asset view with Asset Details button selected

Locate ANZ to view its PRICE DETAILS.


AssetMainteance - price details button selected

Mclowd displays daily prices.

Asset Maintenance ANZ Price Details

At the bottom of the screen, a navigation bar enables you to move from page to page using the NEXT or PREVIOUS links (when available) or by selecting a page number.

Asset Maintenance price details - scroll pages

Note that for ANZ, Mclowd provides 265 pages of price history. You can track prices day by day all the way back to 2nd March 1992, when ANZ shares were selling for a mere $3.9595, compared with $27.83 on 3rd July 2018.

Click the INCOME HISTORY button to display dividend history.

Mclowd displays the Ex-dividend date, record date, date payable, dividend (per share), currency, and % franked.

In this instance, only two pages are available, listing dividends back to 16th May 2003.

Asset Maintenance ANZ dividend history

Asset Maintenance - dividend history page 2

For Practitioner users with 25 or more funds, Mclowd can provide access to Managed Fund data from Morningstar.

If Managed Funds are included in the displayed list, select a Managed Fund.

Mclowd will display ASSET DETAILS:

Asset Maintenance Managed Fund Asset Details

Clicking PRICE DETAILS displays a day by day historical listing showing per unit price.

Asset Maintenance - Managed Fund Price Details

Clicking INCOME HISTORY displays distribution date, distribution cents per unit, reinvestment price, and ex-distribution exit price per unit.

Asset Maintenance - Managed fund income history

and clicking ASSET ALLOCATION displays details of the assets in which the Fund is invested.

Asset Maintenance - Managed fund asset allocation




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