3.6 The Marketplace: Seller Requests

Under the Requests menu heading, you will find options to:

  • Post a Request (as a buyer),
  • View your Requests (requests you have posted as a buyer)
  • View all Requests
  • Set Notification preferences

3.6.1   Post a New (Buyer)Request

Sellers can also post a Buyer Request. This will be useful for practitioners who are looking for related Services such as:

  • Migration of client Funds to Mclowd
  • Audit resources
  • Other resources (such as tax, advisory or wholesale administration)

3.6.2   View / Edit and Existing (Buyer) Request

Existing Requests can be viewed and edited as required.

3.6.3   View all Requests

Selecting View all Requests enables you to see all request posted by buyers and optionally to select a request to respond to.

3.6.4   Respond to a Buyer Request

You can access Buyer requests to respond to by selecting View all Requests and clicking View More, or by receiving a Notification.

When you see a buyer request, you can:

  • View More to access further details of the buyer’s requirement and access the Send Custom Offer and Contact User buttons
  • Send a Custom Offer, to provide a proposal and quote tailored to the client’s specific need
  • Contact User to send the buyer a message

Clicking Contact User displays the Private Message screen, enabling you to type a message and send securely to the buyer. You can type up to 1200 characters, and even attach a file to your message.

3.6.5   Set Up Email Notifications

Setting up Email Notifications will ensure you receive alerts when a buyer posts a request for a service you offer.
Click Notifications on the Requests Menu to select all categories relating to your service offerings.



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