3.3. The Marketplace: Seller Services

The Services menu option enables you to advertise services you offer.

3.3.1 Post New Service

Sellers can post multiple Services across the following categories:

  • Accounting
  • Advice
  • Audit
  • Legal
  • Migration
  • SMSF Admin
  • Tax advice
  • Other

Feel free to suggest additional categories or sub-categories as applicable.

To Post a New Service, select Services from the menu and click Post New Service.

  • Enter a Service Title
  • Optionally enter your price in AUD$
  • Select the appropriate category
  • Type a description of the service you offer. Be sure to tell buyers about all the benefits of engaging with you.
  • Enter any relevant instructions you wish to provide to your buyer. These instructions will be displayed on the Transaction Page that displays after your service is purchased. It should advise buyers how to get started.

Marketplace: Post new Service (Sellers)

  • Enter some Tags, separated  by commas, to help buyers find the service you offer.
  • Click to specify that you would like to meet with your buyer. You will then be able to enter your location, distance, and optionally display a map to help buyers find you.

Marketplace: Seller service - let's meet

  • You can specify a time period for delivery.
  • Upload images if you wish.
  • You can even link to a Youtube® video to deliver information to buyers and promote your service offering.

Marketplace Seller Service: add images

  • Specify any extra charges that apply and describe the options.
  • Check the box to agree to Mclowd’s Terms of Service.
  • Click the Post Service button to publish your advertisement.

Here’s an example of how your service advertisement might appear:

DISCLAIMER: Asta Services profile is used by way of example only. Displaying their listings in this User Guide is not intended as a recommendation of any kind, nor is it intended to suggest that they are in any manner superior to or preferred over any other supplier listed in the Marketplace.

Marketplace: Sample published seller profile

3.3.2  My Services

Selecting My Services displays a list of service offerings you have posted, categorised as Active, Inactive, In Review, and Rejected.

Select a service from the displayed list to edit.

Indicators display the status of services:

Marketplace Services: Seller Services Status Legend


It’s important to keep information about your services updated, so it’s recommended that you log in regularly and check that your service description and pricing is still current.


Below the Funds Status Bar, on the right, is a Vacation Mode Indicator.

Marketplace Sellers: Vacation switch

Slide the indicator to the right to specify a period of absence.

Marketplace Sellers: Vacation data


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