3.1 The Marketplace: Seller Dashboard

In this section, you will find information about:


  • Your name  and avatar (top right)
  • The total value of your sales (under your name)
  • An email envelope icon to access messages waiting for you
  • A bell icon to access notifications waiting for you
  • A drop-down menu (accessed by hovering over your name or avatar) to access details of Services, Sales, Purchases, Requests, Favourites, Payments, Profile and Reviews, and to Logout.
  • A categories menu, where service suppliers profiles are displayed

Marketplace: The Seller Dashboard

The Dashboard also provides:

  • A search bar to find services
  • A button to Post a Request

From the Seller Dashboard, practitioner users can:

3.1.1   Navigation

You can navigate back to the dashboard at any time by simply clicking on the Mclowd Marketplace icon in the top left hand corner of the screen.

Seller Dashboard: return to dashboard

Selecting a Professional Service Category form the menu along the top of the screen displays supplier listings in that category.

Seller Dashboard Categories Menu

Most Seller screens feature a main menu on the right hand side, and you have access at all times to a drop-down menu accessed by hovering over your name/avatar in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Seller Dashboard: Menus

3.1.2 Logging Out

The Log Out link is located at the bottom of the drop-down menu, accessed by hovering over the user name/avatar in the top right-hand corner.

3.1.3   Funds Status Bar

The Funds Status Bar appears under the Categories menu when viewing My Services, Sales or Purchases. It shows your total Earnings, Withdrawals, Amount used for Orders, any payment pending clearance, and Available Funds.

Seller: Funds status bar

Click the arrow to expand the display to show additional detail. You can select to view details of earnings, withdrawals, etc. for the last week, the current month, the current year, or all periods during which you have been registered as a supplier on the Mclowd Marketplace.

Seller: Funds status bar expanded

3.1.4   Seller Fees

Mclowd charges the seller a 10% fee on all transactions. This fee is transparently included in the price quoted to the buyer.

3.1.5   Guarantee

Mclowd offers buyers a money-back guarantee on all transactions through the Marketplace (subject to Mclowd’s Terms of Service). Service suppliers continue offering services in the Marketplace subject to compliance with Mclowd’s terms, provision of quality services at quoted prices, and accepting that payment for services offered through the Mclowd Marketplace will not be received until the buyer has confirmed the product or service was satisfactorily provided.




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