2. 4 The Marketplace: Buyer Personal Information (Profile)

Click the PERSONAL INFO link on the main dashboard menu, or the PROFILE link on the drop down menu to create or edit your Buyer Profile.

Profiles option on menus

Your buyer profile lists:

  • your name,
  • your address,
  • your mobile phone number,
  • a Profile Description you can use to tell service providers a little about yourself and your SMSF.
  • information about how you wish to pay providers

You can also optionally upload a personal avatar.

Your Personal Info


The PROFILE option on the drop-down menu offers a choice of viewing MY PROFILE or EDIT PROFILE. Choosing EDIT PROFILE takes you to the PERSONAL INFORMATION screen shown above. Choosing MY PROFILE displays your name and buyer RATING, and the number of days you have been registered as a Marketplace user.

The BACKGROUND link allows you to upload a file containing a preferred background image.

At the bottom of the MY PROFILE screen, you can access links to Terms of Service, Mclowd’s Privacy Policy, the Requests screen (to post a request or view service provider recommendations, and My Requests (to view a list of requests you have made).

Useful links

Scroll down on the Personal Info screen to choose an Avatar and enter payment information.


Payment settings

Your payment information cannot be changed later, so please double-check to ensure you enter all details correctly

2.4.1 Payment Settings

The Marketplace supports the following payment options:

  • – Paypal
    – Payoneer
    – EFT
    – Credit Card (via Paypal)

Enter your Paypal email address to direct payments via Paypal

Enter your Payoneer email address and Payoneer Card Number to direct payments via Payoneer

Enter your bank name and address, account name and number, and account currency to pay by EFT. You can also enter additional information that your bank might require you to provide when making payments.





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