2. 2 The Marketplace: Buyers – Supplier Profiles

Supplier Profiles are accessed by clicking the various Categories on the Categories menu.

Mclowd displays the names and logos of providers, and pricing information.

Supplier categories

Clicking on a provider displays further details of their service offering, including:

  • number of days they have been registered in the Marketplace
  • ratings awarded by customers
  • detailed service description
  • services offered in other categories
  • quantity selector (to purchase multiples of the same service)
  • Buy Now button to proceed with a purchase of the offered service

The Mclowd Service Guarantee is also displayed beside each supplier offer to remind you that you can click BUY NOW with complete confidence. Quality service delivery is fully guaranteed (subject to Mclowds Terms of Service).

A detailed supplier profile

DISCLAIMER: Asta Services profile is used above by way of example only. Displaying their listings in this User Guide is not intended as a recommendation of any kind, nor is it intended to suggest that they are in any manner superior to or preferred over any other supplier listed in the Marketplace.

On the left side of the screen, when viewing supplier profiles, icons enable you to:

Favourites and sharing icons


Mark this supplier a Favourite (by clicking the red heart)

Share your recommendation of this supplier on Facebook

Share recommendations on Twitter, Google, Pinterest or Linked In.

Or call the supplier using a mobile app

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