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9.5.2 Journal Entries: Payment of BAS

The simplest way to enter a payment of BAS is to use Mclowd’s Bank Data Feed.  Having paid the amount due to the ATO, you should see an entry on your bank statement that you can allocate automatically.

BAS payment via data feed



Mclowd will automatically post the payment to 2-2100 Sundry Creditors.

Alternately, you may choose to enter the payment of BAS via a journal entry.

The following example illustrates recording of your BAS payment to the ATO using a Journal Entry.

In the example shown in 9.5.1 ACCOUNT MAINTENANCE: JOURNALS – BAS RETURNS our sample Fund owed the ATO $915.96. This would have been rounded, on your BAS return, to $916.

To enter the payment (and the rounding), create the following Journal crediting the amount paid to the Bank Account from which the payment was made and debiting to 2-2100 Sundry Creditors.

BAS payment






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