6. Income: Introduction

Mclowd allows you to record income to the Fund in various forms:


Currently Mclowd only allows Chess Depository Interests (CDI) and Stapled Securities to be entered as Equities. The income from these investments therefore must be entered as dividends. The income is actually a distribution, usually allocated after year end into various categories that are not allowed for in the income categories provided when entering dividend income.

Please contact the Mclowd support team for assistance to enter CDI and Stapled Security income.

To enter income received, click the INCOME tab.

Mclowd displays the Income button menu and, if you have previously entered income receipts, a list of previous entries of income. Transactions will be grouped according to income type..

Income: Main income screen

Income tab selected

The Income Tab offers a choice of three buttons for entering income:

Incomebutton menu

Note that on the right side of the screen, Mclowd offers two selection fields to enable you to select the Financial Year for which you wish to view entries, and the Account for which you wish to view income entries (Entire Fund, or a particular member account if your fund holds segregated assets.)

Income screen view selections


To add new interest, income, dividend income, rental income, etc., (whether received in cash or reinvested) click ADD NEW INCOME.

To add new member contributions (whether made in cash or in specie), click ADD CONTRIBUTIONS.

To record a funds roll-in on behalf of a member, click ROLL-IN.


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