6.2.1 Income: Cash Contributions

To record member contributions made in cash, select the ADD CONTRIBUTIONS button from the INCOME tab and select the Member on behalf of whom the contribution is/was made, then select CASH in the Contribution Class field.

Mclowd displays:

Income_cash contribution

Enter the Date of the contribution.
Enter a meaningful Description.
Select the Cash or Bank Account receiving the funds.
Select the Contribution type. Choose from Employer Concessional, Salary Sacrifice Concessional, Self-employed Concessional, Personal Non-concessional, Spouse Non-Concessional or Co-contributions Non-Concessional.

Income_contribution - select Type

NOTE: Mclowd will determine whether or not this contribution is Taxable in the Fund and display Yes or No.

Income_contribution_taxed yes or no

Enter the Amount of the contribution.
The contribution is saved to the Member’s account and the cash amount is added to the selected Bank or Cash account.


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