6.1 Income: Add new Income

To add new income received by your Fund, click ADD NEW INCOME under the INCOME tab.

Select the Account to which the income accrues (the Fund, or an individual member account).

NOTE: In some Funds, individual members may hold segregated assets. For example, a member may have chosen to invest in a particular Managed Fund that other members view as imposing unacceptable risk. In this case, the investment can be made from the Member’s account, and all income from that investment will accrue to that Member’s account.

Select the Asset from the drop-down list presented by Mclowd.

Note that some assets are not displayed. For example, alternate assets do not generate income except by sale of the asset, which would be entered as an Asset Disposal.


Mclowd will now present the fields needed to record income from the selected asset.

The screen display will vary depending on the type of asset selected.

Click the link below for further instructions for entering:




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