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How do I… Use the Autosave function to speed allocation in Bank Data Feeds

If you have used DATA FEEDS to import a bank data file, you may note that when allocating certain types of entries, Mclowd needs you to import additional information. For example, if you are posting a bank transfer, Mclowd needs you to specify the bank to transfer to.  If you are entering dividends, Mclowd needs you to select the associated asset and indicate the Franked and Unfranked components.

For some transactions, such as interest receipts for example, there is no input required from you to complete the posting. All the necessary data is included in the imported file.

If you have a number of entries in your imported list that can be posted without further data input, you may find the Autosave function saves a lot of time.

Consider the following transaction list, containing multiple interest receipts”

data feed trx list

Turning on Autosave will enable you to quickly post all of these transactions simply by choosing Bank Interest from the selection list.

The Autosave option is located above immediately below the bank account information and above the Transactions list:

Atuosave Turn on Autosave to automate posting:

Autosave onClick the selection list next to the first item on the list and choose Bank Interest from the list. Note that Mclowd shows ”(autosave)” next to the options for which autosaving is available.

Transaction list with bank interest selected

Mclowd posts completes the allocation without navigating to the income details screen.

Data feed transaction list - item allocated

You can immediately move on to the next item.

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