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How do I… Manually Import a NAB Trade Bank Data File

To successfully import a bank data file using Mclowd’s manual import method, you must ensure the file is in the correct import format:

Date   (dd/mm/yyy)

Files exported from NAB Trade list amounts in Debit and Credit columns. As well as deleting additional columns, you need to combine the amounts into a single column, converting all payments to negative numbers.

A file exported from NAB Trade appears as:

NAB Trade exported data file

The steps to modify the file for import to Mclowd are:

  1. Delete Column B (Type)
  2. Delete Column F (Balance)
  3. Delete the top row (the headings)
  4. Insert a new Column B after the date column
  5. In the new column B, in cell B1, type formula ”=IF(D2=0,E2,D2)
    This tells Excel to combine the Debit and Credit amounts into a single column, but convert debits to negative numbers.
  6. Copy the formula from cell B1 and paste down into all filled rows.
  7. DO NOT delete columns D and E. Mclowd will ignore these columns on import.
  8. Save the file as a CSV file.

The file now presents as:

NAB Trade file prepared for import

This file is now ready to be imported to Mclowd using the MANUAL IMPORT function located on the DATA FEEDS tab.

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Lorraine Cobcroft

With a background in accounting and financial management, followed by two decades writing software documentation, Lorraine joined the Mclowd team in mid-2016 and is enjoying working with a dynamic team to enhance an innovative product that has the potential to revolutionize the way Australians manage their retirement funding. Lorraine is also an accomplished business writer, ghost-writer, novelist and short-story writer and poet.

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