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How do I… Change the name or stock code of an asset?

Mclowd does not currently offer direct support for changing the name or security code of an asset. However, this is achievable pending software upgrades via a relatively simple workaround.

Go to the Assets Tab on the main menu and click Add New Asset.

Go to Add Asset


Select the appropriate Asset Class and Asset Category. Take care to ensure the class and category selected are correct.

In the Holding Field, select New Holding Only. (By selecting New Holding Only, you avoid the requirement to enter purchase date, price and number of units purchased.)

Enter asset class

Enter the new name and stock code for your asset.

Enter new asset name

Select the correct listed status and optionally enter your Holder Number.


Locate the asset (under its original name) in the Asset List.

Locate asset under old name

Click to open for editing.

.Click old asset to edit

NOTE: If this was an opening balance asset, go to Fund Setup/Investments and click on the Asset that has changed its name and security code.

Click the arrow to the right of the Holding Field to open the assets list, then select the newly created asset (the one you just created with the new name and code).

Select new asset name


Verify that Mclowd is displaying the new name and security code and the original purchase details. Click UPDATE ASSETS to save.

Verity details and Update asset

Return to the Assets list. The asset name and securities code has been updated.Asset list shows asset with new name





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