Getting Started

2.2 Getting Started: Welcome Screen and Navigating Mclowd

Each time you log in, Mclowd greets you with a Welcome screen showing a graphic overview of your total Portfolio Value, Key Financial data, and Asset Allocation information.

Graph 1

At top right of the screen, you will see your User Name displayed, a link to the Settings menu, and the Logout link.

Along the top of the graphic display, Mclowd provides a set of menu tabs to give you access to all the functions of the software.

Mclowd's main tab menu


The Settings menu takes you to key maintenance functions like

  • Fund Setup. (initial setup of your Fund),Mclowd's settings menu
  • Accounting (to display your chart of accounts with current balances),
  • Accounting (to display your chart of accounts with current balances. This option also allows drill down to view transactions.)
  • Journal Entries (to view and enter journal adjustments),
  • Receivables (where you can view the status of your Debtor account),
  • Taxable Income (where you can calculate your end of year tax obligations and perform year end procedures)
  • Financial Periods (where you can see which financial years have data in Mclowd, and which year is currently open. Here you can also roll back a closed year to make adjustments to a previous year.)

    NOTE: Mclowd allows you to continue entering data after the end of a financial year, despite the fact that you have not closed the previous year. As long as dates of transactions are entered correctly, Mclowd will assign all transactions to the correct year, regardless of the open status of a previous period.

  • Bank Data Feeds (to implement the optional Bank data feed service or import Bank Statements to use the free Manual Data Feed facility to automate transaction entry.)
  • Investment Strategy (where you can optionally order a full investment strategy review from a Mclowd partner)
  • Mclowd Marketplace (where you can access a variety of services, post job requests and receive quotes)
  • Mclowd Account (where you can perform account maintenance tasks such as changing your user name or password, adding options, checking subscriptions, and deleting your account)

The most commonly performed tasks can be accessed from the main Tabs menu, which is available at all times when using Mclowd.

Getting Started Tab Menu


Using the tabs, you can:

  • Display a SUMMARY of the status of your account (as shown on the Welcome screen)
  • Display a list of the ASSETS your fund holds and
    • ADD NEW ASSETS (record purchases of new assets)
    • Enter details of ASSET DISPOSALS
    • Perform ASSET VALUATION (revalue assets)
    • Enter details of CORPORATE ACTIONS (Return of capital; Consolidation Split; Bonus Shares; Scrip for Scrip Rollover and Demergers)
    • Enter details of transactions that add to the value of property assets (eg. Buildings, renovations, additions, new fittings and fixtures)
  • View LIABILITIES and
    • ADD NEW JOURNAL ENTRY to record new liabilities, or create a ADD LOAN ACCOUNT to set up a new loan account.
  • View details of INCOME and
    • ADD NEW income
    • ADD CONTRIBUTIONS (record contributions from or on behalf of members)
    • Enter details of a ROLL-IN
  • View a list of EXPENSES and
    • ADD NEW PAYMENT (to record pension payments, benefit payments or transfers out)
  • View a list of BANK ACCOUNTS with account details and balances, and
    • Perform a BANK TRANSFER to move funds from one account to another
    • Implement BANK DATA FEEDS
  • Access a range of REPORTS, including Asset reports, Banking reports, Income reports, Portfolio reports, Tax Reports, and various Others
  • Purchase PAID EXTRAS (extra tools and services to help you better manage your Fund) including Data Feeds, Online tax lodgement, Actuarial Certificates, SMSF Establishment, Investment Strategy Reviews, and Education.
  • Access the Mclowd MARKETPLACE to source and purchase needed products and services from provider-members of the Mclowd community.
  • Access the Mclowd HELP Centre, where you will find links to the User Manual, specific ‘How do I…’ guides to perform certain functions, Help Videos, and a place to Ask a Question.

about the author:

Lorraine Cobcroft

With a background in accounting and financial management, followed by two decades writing software documentation, Lorraine joined the Mclowd team in mid-2016 and is enjoying working with a dynamic team to enhance an innovative product that has the potential to revolutionize the way Australians manage their retirement funding. Lorraine is also an accomplished business writer, ghost-writer, novelist and short-story writer and poet.

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