Getting Started

2. Getting Started: Introduction

Welcome to the Mclowd User Manual.

This manual was designed to be multi-functional:

  • to provide a comprehensive user guide to the features and functions of Mclowd
  • to provide working examples of entry of data for various types of transactions
  • to provide quick-access help pages that can be called up while entering specific types of transactions.

NOTE: A  mortar board icon The Mortar Board Icon displayed in the software (usually to the right on a title bar) links to relevant pages in the manual wherever access to immediate help may assist users.

The manual is presented in chapters that broadly match the menu headings in Mclowd.

A full glossary is available in this web-based version of the manual.

This chapter, GETTING STARTED, covers basics such as the Mclowd Architecture, menu arrangement and basic navigation, data entry methods, editing methodology and error correction methods, account selection, the Summary screen, and how to provide feedback.

about the author:

Lorraine Cobcroft

With a background in accounting and financial management, followed by two decades writing software documentation, Lorraine joined the Mclowd team in mid-2016 and is enjoying working with a dynamic team to enhance an innovative product that has the potential to revolutionize the way Australians manage their retirement funding. Lorraine is also an accomplished business writer, ghost-writer, novelist and short-story writer and poet.

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