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3.6 Fund Setup: Revaluation at Migration

You  should have entered details of the assets your Fund invested in prior to the date from which you are commencing recording transactions in Mclowd (migration date) at their actual purchase cost. Changes may have occurred between the date of acquisition and your migration date due to market conditions. Revaluation at Migration enables you to account for these changes in value and ensure that opening values for assets are correct as at the migration date.

From the Fund Setup Menu (, choose REVALUATION AT MIGRATION.

Fund Setup|Revaluation at Migration

Mclowd displays a list of assets of types that are subject to market revaluation.

Some asset types, such as cash and fixed interest for example, are not subject to valuation fluctuations and will not be displayed.

Revalue assets at Migration

NOTE: The Valuation Date and the heading on the ASSET VALUE column will display 30 June in the Migration Year as specified in Fund Setup.

In the ASSET VALUE column, enter the correct market value for each asset as at 30 June in the Migration Year.

Click UPDATE to save these values.

When you now review your Asset List, it should show the correct values of all assets as at the Migration Date, and the total value of your portfolio as at the Migration Date.

Compare the total value of your portfolio as shown in Mclowd with the total value shown on your financial statements. The value shown in Mclowd should match the value shown in your financial statements as at 30 June in the Migration year (the day prior to your Migration date).

When you are satisfied that the valuations are all correct, click BACK TO FUND SETUP to return to the Fund Setup Menu.

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