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10.7.1 Bank Data Feeds: Appendix 1. Activating ANZ Live SDS Data Feed

To activate your ANZ bank feed:

Before Activating Bank Feeds

  • You or your accountant/adviser will need to have a registered account via their preferred software package before registering for bank feeds.
  • Log in to ANZ Internet Banking (business profile) or ANZ Internet Banking for Business.
  • Go to the “View Accounts” landing page which is the first page you see when you log on.

If you cannot locate it go to the “Accounts” menu and select “View Accounts“.

Alternatively you can:

  • Go to the “Update Details” menu.

Select the “Activate bank feeds” link and follow the appropriate steps below.

Activate bank feeds to SISS Data Services:

  1. Select “SISS” from the dropdown.
  2. Enter ”Mclowd” in the “Practice ID” field.
  3. Select “Authority to Disclose Information” and read the terms and conditions.
  4. Check the terms and conditions box if you accept the terms and conditions.
  5. Using the checkboxes under the “Select” column, select the accounts for which you’d like to activate bank feeds.
  6. If you are happy with the Practice ID entered (”Mclowd”) and the accounts selected, select “Send request”. A message will display acknowledging the request.
  7. If you’d prefer not to proceed, select “Cancel”.

After Activating Bank Feeds:

  • Bank feeds will be provided to your nominated accounting software in approximately 3-4 business days.
  • After this time you should be able to view your transactions from nominated accounts in your accounting software.
  • Once the bank feeds are successfully activated, your transaction data will be sent to your nominated accounting software provider for your registered ANZ accounts.

If you wish to cancel a bank feed please contact your accounting software provider.

If you wish to request your data feed authority via paper form, please email SISS Data Services, quoting the complete accounts details and your Practice ID (”Mclowd”) on

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