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10.5 Bank Data Feeds: The Auto-save option

An Autosave option is provided on both the Bank Data Feed Transaction screens (manual and SDS)

Autosave option

and on the Suspense Account Allocation screen

Autosave option on suspense allocation screen

Both screens offer a Yes/No selection list, with the default value set at No.

Once you have selected the correct Category to allocate to, Mclowd can intelligently allocate certain kinds of transactions without you needing to fill in a data screen with specific details.

Selecting the Autosave option (setting to Yes) enables Mclowd to automatically save those transactions for which it has sufficient data without you providing further detail.

NOTE: You also have the option, when importing a file manually, to autosave the entire list of imported transactions to one of the three available Suspense accounts. See Section 10.3.2.


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