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10.2.9 Bank Data Feeds: Correcting Verification Errors

When a bank data feed transaction has been verified, the underlined word Verified displays in the right hand column. Clicking on Verified displays the transaction information entered. When the transaction is displayed, CANCEL and REVERSE buttons are displayed.

Reverse transaction


Click CANCEL to return to the data feeds transaction list without making any alterations.


Note: If you detect an error, click REVERSE to reverse the transaction. You can then re-enter the data correctly. To effect the re-entry, you will need to use the Income, Expense or Journal tabs. At this time, you cannot re-enter a reversed transaction directly from the Bank Data imported transaction list.

Among Mclowd’s development priorities for 2017 is to improve editing functions, allowing more expedient methods of correcting errors.

Currently, the only method is to Reverse the transaction and re-enter correctly, or to make a journal adjustment.


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