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10.2.5 Bank Data Feeds: To Verify an Expense Entry

To verify an Expense from the Bank Data Feed Transactions List, select the Expense type from the Category list.

If the correct type is not shown, choose All Other Expenses.

Mclowd displays the Add Expense screen partly filled.

Note:  If you selected a specific expense category, the Allocate To field will display the correct expense account for that transaction type. If you chose All Other Expenses, you will need to select the correct expense type in the Allocate To field.

Verfiying an expense entry


Check that all data is correctly entered, or complete entry as necessary.

Add expense details

Click ADD EXPENSE to save and return to the bank data transactions list.

The transaction is now marked ”Verified”.

Note: The Verified marker is underlined. By clicking the marker, you can view the transaction details you posted, or reverse an entry if you have made an error.


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