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10.1 Bank Data Feeds: How to Subscribe

Bank Data Feeds (automated) can be purchased as an option on an annual subscription. A single subscription entitles you to setup feeds on all supported bank accounts.
To subscribe to the Bank Data Feeds service, click the SDS Data Feeds button on the Data Feeds Screen.
SDS Data Feeds Button

The Bank Data Feed Subscription page opens.


Subscribe to SDS button


If you bank with Westpac or ANZ, you are able to set up your bank feed directly from your Internet Banking environment. Click the relevant INSTRUCTIONS button, or refer to Appendices Sections 10.7.1 and 10.7.2  for details.

If your bank is not listed in the SDS Bank Data Feed selection list, please email

SMSF practitioners managing multiple Funds may apply for bulk invoicing by emailing

If you have started a new Mclowd account and have a Data Feeds subscription attached to an unused account, please email identifying both the old and new accounts. The management team will reassign your Data Feeds subscription to your new account.

If you are already subscribed to SDS Data Feeds, the subscription screen will appear as:

SDS Subscription screen if already subscribed

When you select SUBSCRIBE TO BANK DATA FEEDS, Mclowd displays the Payment Form to allow you to enter your credit card information and billing address.

SDS Subscription payment form

When you click the SUBMIT PAYMENT button, Mclowd will receive your payment.

The Bank Data Feeds Subscription page will now display a further section showing

  • your subscription details,
  • a button to Deactivate all Data Feeds if you no longer wish to use the service, and
  • a list of your bank accounts, with indicators of data feed status for each account


NOTE:  The Status indicator may display ‘’NOT SET UP’’, in which case an ‘’ADD FEED’’ option will be offered to add the account to your data feeds list; or ‘’PROBLEM’’ if the bank is not supported or has rejected the attempted setup due to account information or signature errors, etc.

SDS Data feed client details

If Data Feed has been selected for an account and no problems exist, clicking the ACTIONS column beside a selected account should display the option Request Data Authority Form.  Click this option to obtain the forms required to set up Data Feeds on the selected account.

Completed forms should be sent to SISS (as per instructions on the form). Expect it to take 2 to 3 weeks for the feed to become active. You will see an ”Active” indicator in the Data Feed Status column when the feed is active.


ANZ Bank and Westpac use a live feed system that can be activated online. Other banks are likely to follow soon. For information about utilizing the ANZ and/or Westpac live feed system, please refer to the Appendices (Sections 10.7.1 and 10.7.2) to this Chapter.




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