4.3.2 Asset Depreciation

To record depreciation of assets, go to Journals on Mclowd’s Settings Menu. Click the ADD NEW JOURNAL ENTRY button.

4.5 Assets: Corporate Actions

Mclowd provides support for recording various types of Corporate Actions, as documented below. Click the heading for instructions to

4.4 Edit Assets

To edit Asset records, click the EDIT ASSETS button on the ASSETS tab. Mclowd displays a list of Assets

4.3.1 Asset Revaluation

To ensure your Fund’s portfolio is correctly valued, it may be necessary to revalue certain Fund assets from time

4.2.2 Asset Disposal: Bonds

To record disposal of a Bond, select the ASSETS tab, then click the ASSET DISPOSAL button, select the Account,

4.2 Asset Disposals

When your Fund disposes of an asset, record the details by clicking ASSET DISPOSALS in the ASSETS tab. Mclowd

4.1.2 Assets: Add Assets – Hybrids

Hybrids are securities that combine elements of debt securities and equity securities. Examples of hybrid securities are convertible debt securities,

4.1 Add New Asset

To record acquisition of a new asset, click the ASSET tab, then the ADD NEW ASSET button, or go