8.3 Banking: Bank Transfers

BANK TRANSFER allows you to enter transfers of funds from one bank account to another, or from a bank account to a loan account.

To enter a BANK TRANSFER, click the BANK tab.

Mclowd displays a list of your accounts, with their balances.

Click the BANK TRANSFER button.


Mclowd displays:


Enter or select the Date of the transfer.

Select the From Account. Note that Mclowd displays your current account balances to enable you to quickly determine the amounts available for transfer.

Bankaccount_transfer_selectfromacctSelect the To Account (the account into which funds will be deposited).

Enter the Amount to be transferred.

Enter any relevant Notes to remind you of the details or purpose of this transfer.

Click TRANSFER FUNDS to complete the transfer.

Mclowd will ask you if you are sure you with to make this transfer. If you confirm, the specified amount will be deducted from the From Account and added to the To Account.

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