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Mclowd User Guide for SMSF Trustees

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Welcome to Mclowd™

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Welcome to Mclowd™ Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) management system, and an exciting new way of reducing the time and cost of management and compliance.



The Australian Securities and Investment Commission’s Money Smart website ( states:

‘An SMSF is a private superannuation fund, regulated by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), that you manage yourself.
SMSFs can have up to four members. All members must be trustees (or directors if there is a corporate trustee) and are responsible for decisions made about the fund and for complying with relevant laws.’
Consistent with this governing law, Mclowd™ SMSF Management System caters to Self-Managed Superannuation Funds with up to FOUR members.

Any number of member accounts can be set up under each member and there is no limit to the number of accounts Mclowd™ can handle, but in accordance with current legislation, Mclowd only allows four currently active members.
Also, consistent with legislation, Mclowd™ accommodates only one Accumulation account for each Fund member.
A Fund may have more than four members where there are incoming or outgoing members during a financial year.  As of June 2020, Mclowd™ supports supplementary members and member accounts, and Interim and Year End calculation processes will verify the status of each member when performing calculations.
Each member record now incorporates a 'Status' field to enable correct classification of members.
Member Status
Data entry will be disabled for Inactive Members.  
Period processing will exclude members if their status is Closed, Lost, Found, Transferred or Error.


Your MclowdLogo_simple Account will enable you to enter and maintain details of all assets and liabilities of your Fund, as well as income, expenses, member contributions, pension payments, etc. It will give you, on demand, an up to date overview of the net portfolio value and the distribution of assets.


Trustees can choose from

a Free Forever version, providing core software and end of day prices for listed securities;

a Pro version, at $33.00* per fund per year, which adds the capability to lodge the fund tax return online (from FY18 onwards) , manage TBAR (Transfer Balance Cap) compliance, manage assets, create a package of year end reports, and enjoy an ad-free interface.

a Premium version, at $77.00* per year, providing everything in the Pro version plus Bank Data Feeds and Broker Data Feeds.

* Prices include GST.

Click to read about the help and support services available to users.




Mclowd™ will also automate tedious tasks such as calculating end of year totals, producing reports, and calculating your tax obligations. Mclowd Pro Version and Mclowd Premium Version users can opt to have Mclowd™ software transfer relevant data directly to a Tax Return form in LodgeIT™ ( to automate tax return preparation and lodgement. Mclowd™ Mclowd Premium Version users can enjoy  automated import of bank and broker transaction data.

By giving you total transparency, it will enable you to minimise the costs of management and compliance, verify the quality of advice and professional services, and position you to monitor and maximise returns on investments.

The Mclowd™ Marketplace

Membership in the Mclowd™ community will position you to communicate with technical staff and other users to improve your knowledge, and to access quality service providers whenever needed, at the lowest possible cost. The Mclowd™ Marketplace even lets you post job requirements and invite bids from service providers, enabling you to select the best value provider available to deliver the services you need. The Marketplace enables you to liaise efficiently with your service provider throughout the progression of a job, and offers a money-back guarantee that the service provided will be of high quality and will fulfil your requirements.

Data Storage and Security

Your Mclowd™ account is located on a secure server in the Cloud and accessible from any internet-connected computer, at any time.

Mclowd™ operates reliably through all popular browsers, including Internet Explorer™, Microsoft Edge™, Google Chrome™, Mozilla Firefox™, Opera™ and Safari™, running on all modern operating systems (MS Windows, Apple, Linux, etc.)

Because the software is maintained on the Cloud server, you never have to worry about updates to files stored on your computer. You will have access to the very latest version of Mclowd™ at all times.

Security is tightly managed by the Mclowd™ technical team, and data backups are rigorously maintained. Your email address and password restrict access to your data, so it’s important to select a password others will struggle to guess, and to change it from time to time.

MFA Mutli-factor authentication: a system that facilitates multiple identity checks before granting access to a facility, to ensure maximum security and privacy protection security is also available (and highly recommended) as an option should you desire tighter security. You can order this from the Your Account section (accessed through Mclowd™ Account on the Settings Menu, top right above the tabs)  when you are logged in to your account.

The Mclowd™ Community

The Mclowd™ community is a large and rapidly growing, vibrant community of engaged Trustees and Professionals whose collective goal is to make managing SMSFs easier, more efficient, and more affordable. We welcome your active participation.

Mclowd™ community members enjoy ready access to a Knowledge Base, a series of help videos, a community forum where you can ask questions, discuss issues, and acquire new knowledge, and a newsletter, which you can sign up to receive by entering your email in the field at bottom right of the Mclowd™ Home Page. Find back issues of the newsletter at https://www.Mclowd™.com/newsletter/, or check out the Mclowd™ Blog for company and community updates and industry news.

The software improves constantly thanks to the feedback of users. If you have suggestions for improvements, please pass them to the team.

Mclowd™ User Guide

This user guide is intended to assist you to learn how to enter and manage data and generate reports quickly and efficiently. The author welcomes your feedback to assist in ensuring instructions are as clear and easy to understand as possible.

Mclowd™ Support

Mclowd™ has a dedicated Support Team who will respond promptly to any questions or feedback you may have.  

Users are encouraged to offer Feedback, including submission of feature or improvement suggestions, by clicking the Feedback option in the Mclowd™ Help Centre (accessed via the HELP tab or the Help option on the main Mclowd™ menu. )

Congratulations on your decision to join the Mclowd™ community. Now let’s begin!


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