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Mclowd User Guide for SMSF Practitioners


Help and Support for Users

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Mclowd™ understands the importance of help and support for software users. Every effort is made, on a continuing basis, to keep manuals up to date and expand the range of help resources.

At top right of this screen, you will find links to:

Help Home (the central menu for Help resources),

More Help Resources (including a menu of Help Videos and a Knowledge Base

A Feedback link, so pass on comments and suggestions or ask general questions about Mclowd, the software, or support resources

A link to Log in to your Mclowd™Account (or create an account if you haven't signed up yet)

Links to more information.


Also at top right, below the Links, you will find a MORE menu that enables you to:

Enlarge or reduce the text size

Hide or show the page header (including the Links menu)

Create a printable version of the a topic page

Send mail feedback to the author of this manual

Share a topic; or

Save a Permalink to a topic so you can refer to it quickly later.



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