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Mclowd User Guide for SMSF Practitioners

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Managing your Mclowd™ Account

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The last option both the Practitioner Settings Menu and Fund level Settings Menu enables management of your Mclowd™ Account.




Here you can Change your User Name:


Change your password:


Set up Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for extra security


Configure Data Feeds


including Setting up Macquarie Data Feeds and *DDH Graham Data Feeds
(*with assistance from Mclowd™'s staff)



View and Manage Payments and Subscriptions


This screen shows all current subscriptions and a history of payments made to Mclowd™. Here, you can

oview or download a copy of an invoice for a payment you have made

ocancel a subscription

oupdate your credit card information or other default payment method data (If payment information has been entered, it will display below the Subscriptions Panel).


Upgrade your Account (to Mclowd Pro Version or  Mclowd Premium Version) or Downgrade from Mclowd Pro Version or  Mclowd Premium Version.


or Downgrade your Account

If you choose to Downgrade, you will still have access to the features of the account you are using until the subscription period ends, but you will not be automatically charged a renewal fee on the expiry date.

You can also update the card used for your subscription (if any) here.

You can also Delete your Account or Fund.

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