Year-end asset revaluation

SMSF Trustees may periodically wish to verify the value of their portfolio. While share values of listed shares are updated automatically, some assets need to be re-valued manually.

You can see a list of assets with details of purchase, current market value, and unrealised loss or gain by clicking the ASSETS tab.

To revalue assets, click the ASSET VALUATION button.

The Mclowd Asset Valuation Screen displays, enabling you to update Per Unit values.

For each displayed asset, check the displayed asset value. For shares, unit trusts and managed funds, you can edit the per unit share price if required.

Only the Price Per Unit field is editable. Note also that the system displays the Source Valuation Date (the date on which the value was last updated).

For some assets, such as property or bonds, the total asset value will display and can be edited.

When you have finished editing, click the UPDATE button to save your changes.

The Price Per Unit and the Source Valuation Date will change for all rows edited.

Returning to the main ASSETS screen will display the updated values.

For a detailed report, click the REPORTS tab and scroll down to PORTFOLIO REPORTS.

  • Select ”Investment Holding Report”.
  • Choose the Account: either Fund for all fund assets or a member account for a report on segregated assets.
  • Select the Financial Year for the report.

This report shows the total asset value as well as purchase data, unrealized gain or loss and percentage gain or loss.

Choosing ”Investment Movement Report” enables  selection of a specific date range or a financial year and provides details of Starting and Ending Market Value, Gain or Loss, and any purchases or sales of assets during the selected period.