Split a single contribution over multiple accounts

Occasionally, a contribution may be received to the Fund bank account that needs to be apportioned between several member accounts. For example, a member may make a contribution that needs to be apportioned partly to an accumulation account and partly to a pension account, or a member couple may make a combined contribution that needs to be credited partly to the husband's account and partly to the wife's.

Complete a BAS return

Assuming you have enabled your Fund for GST and recorded income and expense transactions that include GST (refer to Automated GST Management, Property Rental income with GST and Record GST on expenss invoices), at the end of a period, you will want to complete a BAS return. .

Open Multiple Tabs in Mclowd

When working in Mclowd, you can open an additional Browser widow or to display or switch between multiple Mclowd Tabs without closing the Tab you are working in. This is handy to quickly look up data in a report, for example, or to view transactions on the Centralised Transaction Screen.

Recover a forgotten password

If you forget your Mclowd password, you can still access your Mclowd account. Simply click the ”Forgot Password” link on the log in screen.

Change my Mclowd password

If you wish to change the password you use to log in to Mclowd, go to Mclowd Account on the Settings Menu. Click CHANGE PASSWORD.

Delete my Mclowd account or fund

If you no longer wish to use your Mclowd account and do not need the information you have saved, you can Delete the Account. . This will delete all records of your login email and password in Mclowd’s database and you will not be able to use those login details to access any Mclowd data

Change my user name/email

Mclowd uses your email address as your User Name. . If you change your email address for any reason, you can change your Mclowd user name and other personal details by going to Mclowd Account on the Settings Menu

Classify ETF assets

An exchange-traded fund (ETF) is an investment fund traded on stock exchanges, much like stocks. As such, Mclowd users may be tempted to classify an ETF asset as a Direct Equity.

Delete a bank account

Mclowd does not currently support deletion of bank accounts you have set up, but does allow you to block them for further posting so that you can’t accidentally post transactions to closed accounts. . Click the BANK ACCOUNT tab

Find a journal entry by prefix

Mclowd Transaction Entries are Prefixed to indicate the specific transaction type. . When viewing the Centralised Transaction Screen, you can search on Transaction Type by typing the prefix in the Journal ID filter field