Duplicate entries

Some users are reporting seeing duplicate entries – identical journal entries appearing twice, for example, when they are certain they did not make the second entry.

Mclowd is a web-based application. That is, when you enter data and press ENTER or a button, the information you have entered is submitted via Internet Communication Protocols to the Mclowd server, and the submission activates a process determined by program code on the server.

That process updates a database with new information, and when you next send an inquiry to the server, it responds by displaying that information.

In the functioning of ALL web-based applications, there is an issue of latency.  

The Mclowd technical team do everything possible to minimize latency, and have succeeded in minimizing problems attributable to latency.

But it takes time for the data you enter to reach the server and for the program on the server to process it correctly. Generally, you won’t notice any obvious delay. Most transactions are processed in seconds.


Sometimes, if there is a short delay, it’s tempting to think your command didn’t register correctly and to press a button a second time.

Doing so may result in the entry being recorded twice. If you have noted unexplained duplicate journal entries, this may be the cause.

Usually, you can just delete the duplicate entry without any adverse consequences.

The Mclowd development team has acknowledged this issue and is planning to insert ”wait” warnings or hourglass icons where appropriate.

In the meantime, press once and wait!  If – in very rare circumstances – considerable time passes without response, it may be necessary to refresh your browser, and check that the entry wasn’t recorded before trying again.