Delete my Mclowd account or fund

If you no longer wish to use your Mclowd account and do not need the information you have saved, you can Delete the Account.
This will delete all records of your login email and password in Mclowd’s database and you will not be able to use those login details to access any Mclowd data.

Alternately, you can retain your Mclowd account and delete only the Fund Data. (This option is handy if you have made errors and wish to start over, or if you chose to trial Mclowd before entering valid fund data.)


Deleting either a Fund or an Account will delete all fund, asset, transaction and member data entered into the deleted Fund or Account. It may be wise to print reports and/or export data to an Excel spreadsheet before deleting an account or fund data.

Deleting an Account will also delete all SDS Data Feed Subscription data and recurring billing.
If you are restarting an account or transferring to a different account and wish to continue to receive SDS Data Feeds, please email or submit a Feedback Form to request transfer of your SDS account and billing cycle BEFORE you proceed with deletion of the existing Account.

Deleting an Account will also delete online lodgement extracts, Actuarial Certificate data, and your Marketplace account. You will need to purchase Online Lodgement and Actuarial data again.

Before deleting an account, you should download copies of all payment receipts for payments made via Payments and Subscriptions or through the Marketplace.

Please note that the following data will be retained after your account is deleted:

  • Migration and/or annual support contracts purchased but not yet used
  • System logs (These do not contain any information that would identify you or your Fund)
  • Payment records in Stripe. These contain minimal identifying information (name, email, Fund name, etc.)  Mclowd does not store credit card data on our servers. Stripe stores data only in strict compliance with PCI-DSS regulations.

To delete your fund or account, go to Mclowd Account on the Settings Menu and click the DELETE ACCOUNT button.

Mclowd displays your account details.

If you have selected DELETE ACCOUNT, Mclowd will ask for some feedback to help us understand your reasons.

This feedback helps us to better understand user needs so that we can continually improve the software.

If you indicate that you deleted your account because you were waiting on new functionality, we may be able to advise you when the feature(s) you need become available.

Click DELETE ACCOUNT to confirm your desire to delete your Mclowd account and remove all login details from the Mclowd database.

Thank you for using Mclowd’s SMSF management software.