Mclowd for SMSF Trustees


What is Mclowd?

User-friendly, conveniently cloud-based, secure, and feature rich, Mclowd software makes it easy to

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  • manage your investment portfolio,
  • produce accurate reports on demand, and
  • manage taxation and legal compliance issues confidently, at minimal cost.


Whether you choose to enter data yourself, or have a service provider enter data, Mclowd provides a range of visualisation and reporting options that empower you to measure and compare returns from various investments, track cash flow, manage expenses, and maximise taxation benefits.

Track all your contributions, investments, income and expenses, and easily report on various aspects of your self-managed super fund.

At tax time, or when you need advice, clear and detailed reports give advisors all the data they need to deliver quality support services at the lowest possible cost. And the Mclowd Marketplace gives you quick access to competitive quotes from service providers who have earned the trust of the Mclowd Community.

Best of all, access to the core software is FREE. And it’s always accessible, from any place, at any time (provided you have access to an internet-connected device). Choose a range of efficiency-boosting add-ons at minimal costs to suit individual needs.

Why are we here?

Quite simply, we believe in making self managed super much more accessible and affordable. Our low-cost model allows us to deliver this software free to Trustees and to keep developing features to the benefit of the Mclowd Community.

From Day 1, Mclowd has evolved with our Community of Trustees and Practitioners collaborating to define the roadmap and spread the word. The Mclowd Marketplace was conceived to connect trustees and professionals, so that trustees can feel more confident, have easy access to quality resources, and keep more of their own money to build their wealth.

Find out more about the Mclowd story.

If you share our vision of affordable SMSF with fairness and transparency, come and join the revolution.




My wife and I had tried using MYOB and then Xero to manage the accounting for our SMSF. However these were still fairly time consuming, expensive and not really designed for self-managed super.

Mclowd offers a free version, comprehensive Fund Setup instructions and loads of great tools and tips to make the transition super easy. The additional features available in the Premium version has already streamlined our fund management processing, saved us many hours of time and provided us with detailed insights into how our portfolio is performing on a daily basis.

With audit services available in the Marketplace from $275 ex GST, the total savings are in the thousands of dollars a year.

We are very happy with Mclowd.

For many people the costs alone prevent them from going anywhere near their own SMSF, but now they can take control of their own money and do so at a much lower cost than currently available options.