It’s all about the value proposition. Better value management software means more efficient client servicing at lower price points, driving increased client referrals and faster profit growth.

Costly software licenses channel the benefits of your hard work into the pockets of software company shareholders. By delivering core software free, and offering a choice of optional add-ons and packages at the lowest possible price point, Mclowd puts the profits back in your bank account. By delivering an easy-to-use, secure, richly featured solution, Mclowd drives major efficiency gains that boost both profits and client confidence.

With over $300 million in superannuation assets now under management, and a fast-growing user base of trustees, practitioners and channel partners, Mclowd is delivering a robust, richly-featured SMSF management solution that will deliver quantifiable efficiency gains at approximately one-third the per-client cost of competing solutions.

Supported by a highly engaged user-base, driving a skilled and responsive development team, Mclowd’s software promises prompt adaptations to keep pace with legislative changes and continual improvements in usability and functionality, accompanied by a guarantee that the core software will ALWAYS remain free.

  • Choose add-ons as needed, or package the ideal solution for your clients at the lowest possible cost.
  • Find new clients and source reliable providers of complimentary services in the Mclowd Marketplace.

Mclowd empowers you to deliver the highest quality client services at the best value prices possible in the market today.


Mclowd is revolutionising the SMSF industry by making SMSFs more affordable and engaging. As a result SMSF members will see a significant improvement in their standard of living in retirement.

Greg Einfeld SMSF Actuary

Mclowd is proving to be a valuable channel for growing my SMSF practice, and as the accounting software evolves, it will allow me to save my clients money at the same time.

Dennis Dang SMSF Auditor and Registered Tax Agent