Mclowd has now released a premium version of its SMSF accounting software designed specifically for SMSF professionals.

The current version (Phase 1) includes the following functionality by default:

  • Macquarie CMA integration
  • Lodgement via our Partner LodgeIT (with Xero integration to follow shortly)
  • Bank data feeds via DDH Graham
  • A centralised transaction screen to speed up Fund workflow
  • User administration
  • Ad-free interface

Phase 2 is scheduled for release in March 2018, and will include the following additional features

  • Data feeds for managed funds (unit pricing, distribution and asset allocation data)
  • A further upgrade to the centralised transactions screen, which will provide much of the functionality / editability practitioners are used to working with in incumbent platforms, including:
    • Transaction splitting
    • Bulk coding
    • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Data matching
    • Allocation rules

Access to this premium version of the software is subject to an annual licence fee of $30 per Fund ex GST.

Existing and prospective practitioner users looking to trial this version can manage up to 5 Funds for free through to the end of FY19 (and will in any instance have access to a free 30-day trial).



Mclowd is revolutionising the SMSF industry by making SMSFs more affordable and engaging. As a result SMSF members will see a significant improvement in their standard of living in retirement.

Greg Einfeld SMSF Actuary

Mclowd is proving to be a valuable channel for growing my SMSF practice, and as the accounting software evolves, it will allow me to save my clients money at the same time.

Dennis Dang SMSF Auditor and Registered Tax Agent