Are you Engaged with your Super?

A recent research survey conducted by Rice Warner Actuaries on SMSF Trustees confirmed that although 66% of Trustees said they were happy with their adviser there were many not so convinced their existing service proposition is fair value. Some of the concerns they expressed are noted below: 1. The adviser is more interested in the […]

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Peak Debt and Monetary Policy – Implications for SMSF Trustees

Introduction Over the last five years the GFC has triggered a significant loosening of monetary policy settings in regions such as the US and Europe, as authorities have sought to reflate their ailing economies. This approach represents an orthodox macroeconomic response to cyclical weakness, but unfortunately it has had little impact, leading to more drastic […]

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The Launch of Mclowd!

Hi Everyone, As we have now launched the Mclowd Platform and Marketplace, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all those people who have supported our mission to reduce the cost of SMSF administration, acknowledge the efforts of the Team who have worked so hard to bring Mclowd to life, and explain to Users, […]

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Threats and Opportunities in the Clowd

Introduction Clowd computing is driving fundamental change throughout a number of industries, and is likely to touch many more markets as it triggers significant declines in the marginal cost of delivery. An early example of the scale of this impact has been in the hosting industry, where cloud-based solutions such as Amazon Web Services are […]

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Crowdsourcing – A Macroeconomic Perspective

Introduction Crowdsourcing is moving out of the early adopter phase and has now gone viral in many markets, driven in large part by the per unit labour cost savings (up to 90%) on offer. To date penetration has been centred on the SME space, with P2P micro-tasking also gaining attention. Extension into the Enterprise space […]

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Harnessing the power of the crowd

Introduction While perhaps not described as such, ‘crowdsourcing’ has been around in various forms since the earliest stages of the World Wide Web. Sites such as eBay and Wikipedia succeeded in large part because they harnessed ‘the power of the crowd’ and in both cases scalability was achieved because they established ‘self-policing communities’. In one […]

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