Are you an SMSF Trustee looking for a way to lower your costs and streamline your operations? Mclowd has just what you need in the form of our free, cloud-based SMSF software. In addition, we offer seamless access to low-cost service providers through our online Marketplace. Read on to discover how Mclowd can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

DIY superannuation funds, otherwise known as self managed super funds (SMSFs), are a great way to prepare for retirement offering control, tax benefits, and a wide choice of investment options, as well as opportunities for estate planning and flexible pension payments.

Their operation does however incur a range of responsibilities and costs relating to administration, audits and tax return preparation. Find more information about setting up your own self managed super fund here.

If you’re an SMSF Trustee looking for a cheaper alternative that gives you more flexibility, power and control, Mclowd will suit you. By harnessing the latest developments in technology we have been able to help you automate many of the tasks involved in managing your SMSF, vastly reducing the time and cost involved in managing your fund. Thanks to Mclowd’s free SMSF software there’s no more spreadsheets and no more costly software subscription fees.

What’s more, Mclowd delivers an online services Marketplace, connecting you with doxens of qualified profresssionals from around Australia and the World. Ease the burden of managing your finances with access to a huge range of services includng SMSF setup and audits, general accounting and book keeping, legal advice, financial planning, tax and BAS, insurance, funds management, stock broking and property advice.

By hiring through the Mclowd Marketplace, you’ll pay a low fixed cost with professional fees up to 70% less than those charged by traditional service providers.

Here are the benefits you can gain from taking advantage of the Mclowd Marketplace and our free SMSF Software


Store and organise all your accounting data in one place using free cloud-based software. By moving your data to the cloud, you can access details of your assets, liabilities, income and expenses from anywhere. Easily generate reports online for your annual reports and tax returns.


As an accounting and administration tool, the free Mclowd SMSF Software platform does not offer a transaction facility so it’s impossible for anyone to access your accounts or move your money. Personal information and data is completely secure thanks to our 256-bit SSL (secure socket layer) encryption.

Moreover, with your data located in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about problems with your own hardware or software at home.


With all your data cloud-based, there’s no longer any need to pay for expensive local storage solutions or accounting software. Plus, you can access highly efficient and extremely affordable service providers in the Mclowd Marketplace with a click of your mouse.

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