BMR Corporate Solutions

Mclowd has partnered with BMR Corporate Solutions to enable the set up of a new SMSF online in just a few minutes.

The initial integration provides support for both the SMSF Establishment Deed and the joint SMSF Establishment Deed / Corporate Trustee.

In future versions of the integration practitioners will be able to access the full suite of BMR documents, and transfer the data of the newly established SMSF directly into Mclowd, further increasing efficiency and reducing errors.

BMR Corp Website

Lime Actuarial

Lime Actuarial specialises in providing actuarial certificates for SMSFs. Their clients are SMSF administrators, accountants and trustees who value speed, simplicity, accuracy and affordability. In most cases they can provide your certificate within seconds.

Lime Actuarial has been integrated into the Mclowd Platform, so that certificates can be generated at the push of a button.

Lime has extensive SMSF experience thanks to its chief actuary, founder and CEO, Greg Einfeld, also being an SMSF specialist. This enables him to deliver excellent service and respond promptly to all your questions.

Lime Actuarial


Mclowd is partnering with LodgeIT to enable the online submission of the SMSF tax return.



SISS Data Services provides the Mclowd Community with daily data feeds for both bank and broker information.



Verus SMSF Actuaries is an actuarial firm committed to serving the SMSF market, and as with Lime, has been integrated into the Mclowd Platform.

Verus provides actuarial services to a range of SMSF stakeholders, including accountants, financial planners, SMSF administrators and SMSF trustees. Verus SMSF Actuaries is owned and operated by actuaries, and is fully independent of any other party providing services to the SMSF market.

Geoff Morley and Alfred Au, the principal actuaries at Verus, have significant experience servicing the actuarial needs of the SMSF sector.

Versus Actuaries