In 2012, Mclowd founder, Ashley Porter, began development of a cloud-based accounting software package for SMSFs after a bill his mother received from an SMSF practitioner shocked him. He set out to achieve four objectives for SMSF trustees and professionals:

  • To reduce the cost both of engaging and supplying professional advisory and accounting services
  • To empower SMSF Trustees to actively control their investments and monitor the performance of service providers.
  • To make compliance and management simple and stress-free.
  • To enable service providers to grow market share and profit by delivering maximum value at the lowest possible cost

Focusing on tight cost control and capitalizing cleverly on crowd resources, the Mclowd team has built a powerful and robust solution backed by a highly-skilled support team and supported by an enthusiastic user base comprising both SMSF trustees and industry professionals.

A dedicated support team and a highly engaged user base guarantee quick access, high quality technical support for users, continuing improvement of the core software, and an ever-growing selection of convenient add-ons to meet specific user needs.

Links to service providers through the Mclowd marketplace enhance value, delivering access to quality-controlled, competitively-priced service providers delivering a full range of legal, accounting, audit, actuarial and financial advisory services.

Starting with free core software and minimal-cost convenience add-ons, everything a trustee needs to maximize returns and ensure full compliance is at their fingertips at, at the most favourable value to cost ratio achievable in today’s competitive world.